A kettlebell swing at it’s best can burn you up to 15 calories a minute. However at that pace you would have to perform the swing at crazy pace to get those results and most people can’t do that.

It’s much better to do a normal swing at a pace which you find comfortable. More importantly if you can do the swing correctly by utilizing the correct form, you’ll be able to burn up to 5-10 calories a minute. Not to mention that this exercise also provides a total body workout. 

However results will always vary. Here why: If you take 100 people, have them do swings with the same kettlebell and for the same time, and measure how many calories they’ll burn, odds are you’ll get different results from each person. This because of amount of calories burned depends on several factors:


  • How much the person weights.
  • Their BMI (Body mass index).
  • The weight of the kettlebell being used (heavier doesn’t always mean better calorie burn!).
  • The speed and efficiency, but most importantly the correct form being utilized during the swing.
  • How long you do the swing for. 

Here’s the best way to tell how many calories a kettlebell swing burns for you:

Use a heart rate monitor. Because every person is different, their results will be too so the only way to truly know how many calories you’ve burned is through using this tool. If you already have a heart rate monitor, try doing this:

  • Make sure the kettlebell is no less than 10 lbs and please make sure you’re doing it correctly! Please refer to this page for details.
  • Complete 1 minute kettlebell swings and record your calorie burn. Then take a 30 second break and repeat the same workout. Note your calorie burning results for the next round. Then take another 30 second break, then do another 1 minute round. Record your results for all 3 rounds. 

How many calories did you burn in each round? Please post your results in the comments section below!

Looking Beyond The Swing:

Mix Up Your Kettlebell Exercises To Get Greater Calorie Burning Results!Apaperproposal.com

The kettlebell swing is truly an amazing exercise which works many different areas of the body. However, if you’re aiming to burn the maximum amount of calories in a workout session as well as seeking to tone up, don’t just limit yourself to this exercise. Instead mix it up by adding in other kettlebell exercises to diversify the training.

Every kettlebell exercise works many different areas of the body in addition to give you a great cardio workout. Furthermore, by mixing up your exercises, you will also be improving overall calorie burning results and avoiding a fitness plateau by doing the same exercise over and over. 

Looking to get the best results from a kettlebell workout?

Then it’s highly recommended to do a certified kettlebell program. Kettlebell Kickboxing for example is the #1 rated kettlebell program on this site because it burns over 500 calories in 25 minutes and 1,000 calories in 1 hour. And this program gets 2x better results than most top tier kettlebell workouts/programs.

Learn how Kettlebell Kickboxing can burn 1,000 calories.

You can also try to do 20 minute kettlebell workouts on your own, but kettlebell programs are highly recommended, especially if you’re a beginner to kettlebells because they teach you proper form which leads to the best results in little time. 








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